Relationship Management

Automate and execute lead generation and sales opportunities for retail banking products at scale and cost effectively.

Crafted and curated pitch ensures messaging is on point everytime.

Customer Care

Automate post purchase compliance verification and reminders to your customers.

Personalised and individualised communication for each individual customer ensures our partners have an edge over the industry.

Risk Management

Our AI conversation analytics technology enables intention analysis of customers. Build and analyse customer credit profile over time with A.I.



Perform interactive and complex outbound lead generation and sales conversations and conversions.

Act on inbound product and service enquiries for upsell and cross sell opportunities.


Automate inbound policy queries and claims status update.

Improve customer experience and response time.

Customer Service

Offer medical checkup recommendation and appointment scheduling and automated periodic premium payment reminders.


Product and services

Update customers on the latest mobile, data and TV subscription plans.

Offer complementary services, then close the transactions with our AI customer service officer.

Intelligent Customer Service

Improved customer service at scale with shortened response time.


Intelligent Service Support and Consulting

Our AI customer service officer makes cost effective.
Customer service at scale possible.
Zero wait times and proposed resolutions to customer inquiries.