Lead Generation

Leave no stones unturned.

Our tech enables personalised customer outreach and prospecting at scale that is cost effective and sustainable.


Ironically, this business critical function is often outsourced.

Our tech empower companies to take back control and improve service quality, consistency and branding.

Reminders & Service Recovery

Its only human to lose track of time, sometimes.

Let your virtual customer representative remind them of their flight, appointment and upcoming or overdue bills.

If need be, inform them of any delays or cancellations, advise them on the next course of action and address their concerns.

Customer Feedback

Say goodbye to one- dimensional surveys and questionaires,

Why not ask you customers what they think and how service can be improved.

Customer Support

Improve response time. Let our virtual customer service representative answer your customers general enquiries and other open roles.

Interactive Training

Provide interactive and realistic training to service staff. Our virtual talkbot can demonstrate the ideal service staff and also play the most difficult customer for the traineesto practice.

Our Advancements

Automatic Speech Recognition

Natural Language Understanding

Real-time Text to Speech Generation

Natural Language Processing