Contact Center Insight

Augment your human agents

Analyze your human agents’ performances, increasing efficiency and ensuring compliance regulations through LLM-powered inspection and self-developed ASR ability
Contact Center Insight | Improve Agent Performance with ASR

Empower Your Agents and Elevate Customer Experience

Automatically analyze 100% of agent - customer Interactions, identify opportunities to boost operational efficiency and mitigate compliance risk

Improve agent performance with self-developed ASR ability and LLM-powered inspection, consistently delivering high scores for CSAT, NPS, and other key metrics

Use Case

Unlock Agent Superpower with Automated Process. Quality Control and Coaching


Analyzes customer service call recordings to detect sensitive phrases and potential regulatory compliance violations

Quality Control

Scrutinize recordings of customer service interactions to ensure agents adhere to standard operating procedures (SOPs) and achieve predetermined quality benchmarks

Agent Coaching

Distills the dialogue workflows of top-performing employees to generate high-value reference scripts, enhancing overall effectiveness and quality


Upon completion of a customer call, gather NPS (Net Promoter Score) and CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) feedback through an automated phone call or chatbot messaging survey system

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