Credit Collection

Empower the traditional collection industry

Harness AI technology to improve traditional collection efficiency by integrating operations into an intelligent strategy platform

AI Technology for Improve Credit Collection | Human-like AI Agents

Scalable, Insightful and Compliant

Offer omni-channel(Talkbot & Chatbot) customer support based on scenarios

Save at least 70% of human effort through accurate user labels and comprehensive call results from our smart dashboard

Perfectly matched to local and financial industry compliance and legal requirements

Assist companies to swiftly achieve payment collection KPIs

Use Cases

Deliver End-to-End AI Solution through Customer Lifecycle


Fully reach users through multiple channels to remind them that the repayment is about to be due


Comprehensively reach users through multiple channels and apply different degrees of pressure on different users on due date


Use multiple channels and different methods to collect payment from users, and combine it with human agent to generate maximum benefits

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