WIZ Engage

Engage millions of customers through synergy outreach and targeted diverse dialogues

WIZ Talkbot, powered by Voice AI and Generative AI for a human-like experience, automates outbound omnichannel engagement on a large scale at a lower cost, resulting in higher business conversion rates.

WIZ Engage | Generative AI Talkbot for Customer Engagement


Infinite Growth in a Short Time

2 million calls in 1 hour

Unleash the power for unstoppable growth and flexible operations with combined strategy of omnichannel interactions.

More Cost-efficient for Repetitive Business Task

80% savings on cost-per-contact

By automating over 90% of interactive business tasks with continuously optimized outreach and guided dialogues tailored for specific vertical use cases, we achieve significantly lower costs and improved customer satisfaction.

Converts and Retains like Your Best Agent

30%-70% increase in conversion rate

A higher open rate, personalized guidance learnt after your top agent, and enhanced meaningful conversations powered by reliable generative AI all contribute to driving increased revenue output.

WIZ Engage Key Features


Human-like Voice AI & Personalized Dialogue Guidance by LLM

WIZ Engage delivers authentic human voice experience in 10+ languages within one second, and 98% of users cannot tell it's a bot.

Talkbot, equipped with purpose-built LLM models and use case best practices, guides targeted dialogues and handles queries naturally, increasing conversions for your business.

Quick and Lower-cost Talkbot Iteration

WIZ Engage features a few-shot learning-powered Talkbot builder that streamlines business design, corpus collection, LLM fine-tuning, and regression evaluation, facilitating rapid value realization and robust iterations.

Operational costs are reduced through an LLM-based smart inspection model, which flags responses for human review, and a custom analytics tool that provides insights by comparing Talkbot and human agent dialogues, aiding optimization.


Omni-Channel Automation Combined with Bot-Agent Synergy

WIZ Engage effortlessly implements out-of-the-box automation flows across various channels such as voice calls, chat (including WhatsApp, Line, Instagram), websites, and messaging platforms. It features a cross-day mixed outreach strategy and an Agent-Bot synergy solution that smoothly redirects conversations to human agents when necessary, ensuring consistent service quality.

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