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AI Transformation for your customer and business growth

Build AI agents with the latest generative and conversational AI technology

A One-Stop Platform to accelerate your AI Transformation, featuring our built-in proprietary technology, GenAI-powered Agent Builder, and services from credible domain experts.
WIZ. AI Talkbot Platform | AI Transformation for Customer Success


Proven Productivity and Business Scalability

+500% increase in productivity

Authentic human voice conversations are built to automate and scale engagement tasks by 2 million calls in our hour.

Higher Customer Success Rate that Build Trust

90% success rate and 50% time saved

Powered by multi-model and generative AI for enhanced accuracy, our system continually learns from your top agent to ensure delightful customer experiences.

More Cost-efficient Lifecycle Operations

50% savings on cost-per-contact

LLM-powered Virtual Agent maintenance offers easy development, smart inspection, and data-driven optimization and regression, enabling robust and cost-efficient AI evolutions.

Deeper Insights for Faster Improvement

New value gained from every interaction purpose

Purpose-built data mining and AI models not only ensure quality inspection and compliance in customer conversations but also gather insights on Voice of Customer and agent guidance. This approach helps uncover differences among revenue and service teams, enhances productivity, and ensures the success of initiatives.

WIZ Platform Key Features

All-in-one Platform Integrated Voice AI, Conversational and Generative AI

WIZ AI's intelligent virtual agents feature human-like voice interactions using proprietary voice AI, ensuring secure and credible customer conversations and task executions with generative AI on the WIZ AI Platform.

Robust Lifecycle Improvement Powered by LLM Tools

The performance of virtual agents is enhanced through robust optimization and powered by lifecycle quality control and efficiency tools. These tools cover design changes, crowd-sourced data feedback, model fine-tuning, smart inspection, and gap analytics and are integrated with human agents.

Ongoing Scenario AI Transformation by LLM Customizations

The WIZ AI Platform, featuring domain expert services and intuitive tools, empowers enterprises to develop applications for high-value scenarios. It harnesses the customization potential of LLMs while effectively mitigating issues such as misleading, hallucinatory, or irrelevant LLM responses.

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