WIZ Insights

Contact Center Analyst - Analyze and Polish Your Human Agents Performance

Learn from your top agents by comparing their strategies with those of their peers. Identify key areas for improvement and gain insights into every conversation.

WIZ Insights | Analyze & Improve Call Center Agents Performance


Discover and Deliver Guidance to Improve Team Performance

WIZ Insights uncovers key behaviors and factors in your team's customer interactions that influence performance. It provides guidance for your team to adapt and upskill, and enhances AI Agents to achieve higher targets.

Low-cost and Continuous Compliance and Quality Inspection

WIZ Insights provides 100% coverage and timely inspection of all your multi-language voice conversations at an extremely low cost with better accuracy, powered by the latest Voice and Generative AI models.

Enrich Business Tools and Make Better Decisions

With valuable data on business insights, customer voice and individual profiles unlocked effortlessly and imported into your business systems, they can better leverage them to win more deals, and also help executives make better decisions about product, strategy and executions.

Fast AI Customization And Robust Evolution

WIZ Insights features pre-trained, scenario-specific AI models with support for automatic model fine-tuning using few-shot data annotation. This setup enhances accuracy in recording transcription, dialogue understanding, complex data mining, and analytics.

Built-in dataset regression tests ensure robust model evolution for continuously improved analytics and inspections.

WIZ Insights Features


Analytics of Difference Points at Detailed Levels

WIZ Insights offers tailored analytics on interaction behaviors of customers and agent teams, revealing detailed causes behind varying responses and results. Its visibility dashboard and guidance provide actionable suggestions and automation opportunities for team improvement.

Built-In Inspection Rules for Compliance and Best Practices

WIZ's multi-model platform features a multi-layered inspection experience tailored for specific industry scenarios. It includes fine-tuned LLMs with targeted prompts, supporting comprehensive evaluations to achieve high service standards, compliance, and operational excellence.


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