WIZ SmartAgent

Unlock AI-powered contact center automation for seamless service excellence

WIZ SmartAgent empowers call centers through AI driven automation, ensuring cost-effective, 24X7, superior experience and high-conversion customer service across diverse channels.

WIZ SmartAgent | Contact Center Automation | Human Like Agents


Turning Customers to Promoters

0 customer wait time, 30% increase in NPS

WIZ SmartAgent provides 24X7 superior customer service with naturally-speaking AI Agents who can infinite scale at any time and any channel.

More Productive and Fulfilled Team

5x call center capacity

WIZ SmartAgent automates 90%+ service requests, enabling your agents to focus on high-value and more complex cases leading to satisfied agents and customers.

Costs Reduced and More Predictable

50% savings on cost-per-contact

WIZ SmartAgent offers a cost-efficient solution with quick LLM-powered onboarding, proprietary smart inspection, and a data-driven robust model upgrade, enabling it to handle an increased number of cases typically assigned to human agents.

LLM-Powered Solution Balancing Accuracy and Experience

WIZ SmartAgent, featuring a custom-trained scenario LLM, integrates complex information capture and response generation for intents and entities. This solution balances answer accuracy with human-like natural utterances, delivering responses within 1 second. It accurately handles over 90% of customer calls, with seamless transfer to agents for the remainder.

WIZ SmartAgent Features


Cost-efficient Quality Assurance by Data-driven Inspection and Iterations

WIZ SmartAgent offers cost-effective onboarding and continuous improvement through multi-model powered capabilities. These include FAQ and recording learning, reusable dialogue components, smart inspection with human feedback, LLM data augmentation with auto fine-tuning, and robust adaptation for quality-assured upgrades.

Versatile Capabilities Equipped for a Variety of Inbound Service Scenarios

Mature solutions powered by targeted AI models and components are ready for the typical customer service scenarios: smart guidance, verification and data collection, limited-scope FAQ, billing and payments, order management, appointments and scheduling.


Multi-Channel Integration and Enhanced with Bot-Agent Synergy

Besides the challenging voice channel, WIZ SmartAgent also supports various chat channels, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, Telegram, and more. It offers ready-made integrations with contact centers, CRM, and business systems, allowing for flexible actions via our LLM function calling, ensuring a seamless Bot-Agent synergy experience.

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